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Remove the risks of transportation permit rejection,
Use our experts to handle your end-to-end permitting requirements.

Choose UltraDrive for Professional Transport Permit Services

How We Can Help?

UltraDrive offers a professional assistance in the process of permit renewals, transfers, expiration and any amendments required, according to the prevailing federal and state laws. We aim to handle the legal work on your behalf efficiently. We help determine what type of permit(s) you require to transport oversized freight in the jurisdiction of each USA state, Canada and Mexico. Our experts prepare and submit all the necessary paperwork needed for securing those permits.

Do I need Permits?

Your business needs to fulfill the permit requirements if you operate interstate commerce in the forty-eight (48) US States, Mexico, and provinces of Canada. Acquiring those permits for your heavy load vehicles is a complex and time-consuming process, but it is necessary before your trailer, overweight or oversized vehicles hit the road. 


With the assistance of UltraDrive, your burden of getting trucking permits is eliminated.
You need not to spend your valuable time and resources in researching and arranging your transport permits.

Making Transportation Permit Process Efficient, Quick and Simple

We make the process of getting super, and overload transportation permits quick, efficient and simple. If you are a motor carrier and need to have fuel as well as tax permits, IFTA fuel permits, cross country permits or interstate permits, our expert services can make arrangements for those, as well.

Eliminate the Risk of Trouble Before You Hit the Road

You do not want any trouble with DOT or DMV before your vehicle hits the road. You should be sure that your heavy load vehicle complies with the state and federal laws and regulations. If you fail to get a permit, it means a loss to your business due to delays or impoundment of the vehicle.

Transportation Permitting Services Offered

As an experienced and knowledgeable permitting services provider, we offer a wide range of transportation permitting services that encompass the following:

  • IFTA Permit: It is a contract between the 48 US states and the 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada to simplify motor vehicles fuel use reporting in multiple jurisdictions. We help you get authorized renewals as well as new IFTA permits for your qualifying vehicles. With our help, you can process IFTA applications and get an IFTA sticker for your motor vehicles.
  • State Permits: Quickly get your state permits including New York Permit which are required for traveling of your CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) between the 48 lower US states. Contact us to get up-to-date information regarding state permits.
  • NY HUT permit: NY HUT Permit is the New York Highway use tax, imposed on specific types of motor vehicles operating on the public highways of New York State. This tax is charged as per the mileage traveled at a specific rate determined by the motor vehicle's weight. It is applicable to any kind of motor vehicle that exceeds the gross weight of 18,000 pounds. We help you to process your NY HUT permit request to help you get the permit in quickest possible time.
  • KY Permit: A KY permit is necessary for the motor carrier vehicles weighing 60,000 pounds or more, traveling to Kentucky. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet issues this tax license number. Before the authority issues the KY permit, you need to fulfill specific requirements. UltraDrive helps you with fulfilling all the requirements and filing for KY permit for quick and easy processing. 
  • New Mexico Permit: If you are operating motor carriers in New Mexico, you need a New Mexico permit. It is a tax imposed on the motor carrier owners and operators on the interstate and intrastate operations of commercial vehicles that have a gross weight of 26,000 pounds or above. The tax is calculated by the weight of vehicle and miles traveled the roads of Mexico. With the help of UltraDrive, you can swiftly file and get New Mexico Permit to keep your business operating smoothly on New Mexico roads.
  • IFTA Quarterly Fuel Tax Reports: You need to submit an IFTA quarterly fuel tax report. UltraDrive keeps a record of fuel consumption and helps compile quarterly reports.
  • Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (2290 Form): If you operate as an interstate and intrastate transport company and your heavy vehicle is registered in any of the US states, Columbia, Canada or Mexico district with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or above, it is mandatory for you to file tax returns to Internal Revenue Services. UltraDrive offers professional advice regarding tax filing so you can comply with the IRS requirements. 
  • Federal Permits: UltraDrive provides facilitation in getting USDOT for higher carrier hauling, MC number, BOC3 and UCR for interstate, intrastate motor vehicle carrier, maritime ports, pickup or transportation of merchandizes within the airports, federal and military installations, etc.

Other Permitting Services

In addition to the services mentioned above, we provide KYU license filing, HUT permit, pre-pass application, and New Jersey company registration services. All our services are performed by a highly experienced and knowledgeable team who remain updated with the latest updates in state and federal permit laws.
Get in touch with UltraDrive today for your transportation permits and do business with ease!

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We are a professional safety management, registration and consulting company. Our experienced team ensures that you operate safely and confidently across the highly-regulated heavy-load vehicles and for-hire carrier industry.

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