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MC and DOT

We provide a full assistance with getting your DOT number.
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If you are considering getting a Department of Transportation (DOT) number for your carriers, you must have many questions in mind. When do you need a US DOT? Why and how much is the cost? For what type of interstate trade do I need a DOT number?

Which of my vehicles need a US DOT number? UltraDrive can answer and address all these and any other questions in just a few minutes. We can save you from the stressful process of getting a DOT number quickly and simply. Our trained and experienced team is at your service to help you get through the process of getting a US DOT number smoothly and efficiently.

Most carriers that operate interstate need a DOT number. An important thing to remember is that you might need more than just a US DOT number to operate interstate. So, get in touch with us for additional interstate operational requirements
No matter whether you move within your jurisdiction or outside,
we help you keep your overweight and oversized vehicles on the road with confidence.

Learn how UltraDrive can benefit your Trucking Business

Learn More About US DOT Number

The federal government is responsible for issuing DOT number used for tracking your compliance to safety on the roads. DOT maintains all the information related to the fleet regarding inspections, crashes, citations, and others. This information helps evaluate your safety and gives a rating. All this information is accessible through the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

Ease Your Burden with Ultra-Drive

Getting a DOT number is not as easy as it seems even if you go through all the information on FMCA's website. We can help you save time and money, patiently answering all your concerns about US DOT number requirements and get it issued in no time, without a hitch. Through our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we can efficiently handle your DOT number processing as well as any other licensing or permit requirements. We enable you to get an NYC DOT or any other DOT required for worry-free and legal operations across states.

Have ‘For Hire’ Motor Carriers? You Still Need MC for Interstate Operations!

You might be wondering that if you have a DOT number, why you need to have MC number and what it is? Even if you obtain your DOT number, it is not possible for you to operate across states as a ‘Carrier for Hire' without MC number. To get the MC number, you need to complete the relevant paperwork for the MC Authority, which is processed through FMCSA.

Get Quickly and Legally on the Roads With UltraDrive

UltraDrive can assist you to get your carriers back on the roads quickly and legally. The complete processing of an MC number takes about 3 to 5 days depending on how promptly your insurance agent fulfills their requirements. You may get your MC number in a day, but it is not authorized until the FMCSA finalizes your application. 

With UltraDrive, you need not worry about all this. We take care of the complete processing right away. We aim to save your time, money and efforts, which are more critical for your interstate carrier business. We make the whole process simple and swift for safety and compliance of your carriers.

Let us help your DOT and MC requirements in not time.
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We are a professional safety management, registration and consulting company. Our experienced team ensures that you operate safely and confidently across the highly-regulated heavy-load vehicles and for-hire carrier industry.

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