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Drug & Alcohol Testing

• Pre-employment Drug Test for CDL Drivers
• Random Selections
• DOT Clearinghouse consultation and assistance

Choose UltraDrive for Professional Drug Testing Regulations Services

DOT Requirements for FMCSA companies and Truck Drivers (CDL)

All FMCSA companies that employ CDL-A drivers and operate vehicles that require CDL License need to make sure driver has passed Pre-Employment Drug Test and was added to a Random Drug & Alcohol Consortium Program.
For more information about Roles and Responsibilities of Service Agents please visit www.transportation.gov website.

Do I need Drug & Alcohol testing?
All Commercial Drivers (CDL) are required to enroll in a Random Drug & Alcohol Program. If you are a DOT-regulated employer, you can choose to enrol in an Ultra Drive consortium random drug testing program to stay compliant with Drug Testing Regulations.  

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UltraDrive Consortium and Random Drug Testing Program

We offer a full spectrum of Drug & Alcohol Testing services throughout the year, from selection to management & reporting. With UltraDrive you got a stress-free result always on time. Our experienced agents will collect the results and complete all paperwork. We are always on call in case you need us!

Joining the Random Selection Program
We help you to join our random drug testing pool of CDL drivers. Four times a year our DOT approved software makes random selections of drivers to get tested. When you join the program, we mail you a form to present at the testing location, a Chain of Custody Form, so you are ready to get tested at any time. If you are selected, we inform you immediately.

Once you are selected.
There are over 30,000 testing location around the country that you can use. You can report to any testing location nationwide withing 8 hours to complete an Alcohol Test and up to 32 hours to complete a Drug Test. At the testing location, you need to present your CDL and Chain of Custody Form, provided by UltraDrive. We take care of the rest!
With UltraDrive, Drug & Alcohol testing are easier than ever!
Our professional agents can help you to stay Compliant with  Drug Testing Regulations.
We take care of all paperwork on time so you can do your job!

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services by UltraDrive

Our professional agents can help you to stay Compliant with  Drug Testing Regulations. We offer a full service for DOT Employers & DOT Owner-Operators. We take care of all paperwork on time so you can do your job!

• Random Selections (Random Pool Consortium)
• FMCSA Drug Tests
• Return to Duty Test
• Clearinghouse Account for the company

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We are a professional safety management, registration and consulting company. Our experienced team ensures that you operate safely and confidently across the highly-regulated heavy-load vehicles and for-hire carrier industry.

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